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Mortgage in Virginia

Mortgages in Virginia are divided into two parts. The first part in Virginia mortgage is commercial mortgage and, the second one is residential mortgages. While in commercial mortgage in Virginia, money is borrowed by builders or investors; in residential mortgage in Virginia, home owners and residents ask for loans from lenders in Virginia. Additionally, in mortgage in Virginia, a real estate is used to secure the loan amount and the same real estate then is used for various financial requirements.

Mortgage Rates in Virginia

As said above, real estate is taken as collateral to earn the loan by the mortgage lenders in Virginia who provide a wide range of mortgage rates in Virginia. Notwithstanding, the decision on the suitable mortgage is taken considering various factors including of specific requirements of borrower, paying back capability, credit history, etc. Depending upon the nature of deal, the following are some of the mortgage types in Virginia:

  • Fixed-rate mortgage (ARM)
  • Adjustable-rate loan (FRM)
  • Reverse mortgage
  • FHA loans
  • VA loans
  • Jumbo loans
  • Balloon mortgage
  • Home equity loans
  • Home equity line of credit
  • Mortgage Refinance

The Virginia Association of Mortgage Brokers (VAMB)

The VAMB came into existence in the year 1987 and aims to regulate the functioning of its members who are functioning as mortgage brokers in Virginia. It is a non-profit professional association which helps promoting the role and interests of mortgage broker in the real estate industry of Virginia. Using various methods including of educational, legislative and networking services, VAMB categorizes mortgage brokers in categories such as Corporate, Broker, Affiliate and Annual Sponsor Memberships, etc.

Those who are interested to get registered with VAMB can call Steve Baugher, Executive Director, at 804-285-7557.

Virginia Mortgage Lenders Association (VMLA)

Aiming to promote participatory educational seminars, conventions, and political action committee activities, VMLA has members operating across Virginia. The body helps promotion of mortgage industry in Virginia by sound ethical business practices, member education, legislative awareness, strategic alliances, and embracing technological changes, etc. Additionally, it helps people own their own home through community involvement, public awareness, and common goals.

The VMLA conducts educational classes and seminars to educate its members on the changes that keep taking place and offers training programs so that mortgage lenders are well aware of new laws and regulations happening every then and now. The body offers inputs and voices the opinion on issues which may affect the interest of stakeholders.

Leading Mortgage Lenders in Virginia

All Virginia Mortgage Company

A renowned mortgage company in Virginia, All Virginia Mortgage offers second mortgage and first home loan in Virginia. Additionally, it also provides fixed rate and adjustable rate loans to potential borrowers. More information can be reached out at


Offering low rate mortgage in Virginia, VA is known for its convenient and flexible services. The firm is known for providing refinance loan and home purchase loans that have no down payment requirements. Exhaustive information can be obtained at

Choice Finance

It offers best mortgage deals in Virginia; more information can be searched at

Adjustable Mortgage Rate | Apply Online for Adjust Mortgage Rates