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Mortgage in Wales

Mortgage lenders in Wales provide essential mortgage services to consumers who cannot afford to buy a home and require mortgage loan in Wales. Wales which has been a developed region of United Kingdom attracts best mortgage deals in from Mortgage lenders. The place attracts massive foreign direct investment in various projects and ventures. Wales has been heavily industrialized and during industrial revolution played crucial role in the growth and development of UK.

Economy of Wales

When England was going through massive transformation from focusing in manufacturing to services, Wales too changed its orientation and currently it is a major center for commercial activities and other services. Wales which once was dominated by mining of coal, copper, iron, silver, lead, and gold, now claims to have a rich service sector. The major city of Wales is Cardiff which is a leading port in the world in terms of exporting various raw materials.

Types of mortgage interest rates in Wales

Though the kind of mortgage interest rate has to be charged depends upon the mutual agreement between lender and borrower, some specific types of mortgage interest rates in Wales are as follows:

Tracker rate mortgage in Wales

In it a variable rate is linked to an underlying public interest rate by a predetermined margin. Moreover, the interest rate is linked with LIBOR.

Variable rate mortgage in Wales

In variable rate mortgage in Wales, the rate varies at the discretion of the lender and he can use his discretionary power for mutually benefitting agreement.

Standard variable rate mortgage in Wales

Standard variable rate mortgage in Wales is a default variable rate that lender offers to mortgage borrowers. Additionally, it has a standard residential mortgage as a key characteristic.

Fixed rate mortgage in Wales

One of the popular kinds of mortgages in Wales, fixed rate mortgage is a loan wherein interest rate is fixed at the beginning and the same remains fixed for the entire life of the loan. The time may be fixed on the wishes of borrower and lender.

Capped rate mortgage in Wales

Another popular interest rate mortgage, capped rate mortgage in Wales asks a borrower to fix an interest rate which is under a cap and the interest rate cannot move above the cap. In numerous ways it is more or less like fixed rate mortgage in Wales.

Net mortgage lending in Wales

Net mortgage lending in Wales is a total change in balances outstanding between two points in time. The same can be calculated by adding together the total gross lending in a period less repayments and redemptions and loan losses in the same time period of the mortgage agreed upon.

Redemption of mortgage loan in Wales

A mortgage loan can be redeemed after paying back a mortgage. However, when a borrower wants to pay earlier than the amortization period, he is required to pay a lump sum amount to lenders.

Leading mortgage lenders in Wales

The following are some renowned mortgage lenders in Wales which offer comprehensive range of mortgage services to consumers.

  • Yorkshire Building Society (
  • Aegis Mortgage Consultants Ltd (
  • Swansea Building Society (
  • Seven Mortgages (
  • Sheridan Jones Estate Agents(
  • Menai Financial Solutions (
  • Mortgage Buyers (
  • Open Choice Mortgages(
  • Menai Financial Solutions (
Adjustable Mortgage Rate | Apply Online for Adjust Mortgage Rates